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Waking Down in Mutuality

A free 2-hour video introductory orientation
with acclaimed pioneers of embodied awakening

Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

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Dear Friend,

waking down It's an immense delight for us to offer you this free presentation. A celebration, truly! You can watch the video or listen to or download the audio here on this page at any time.

Our talk here might be of value to you if...

you're new to the spiritual quest and are looking for a path that will get you where you want to go

you're a longtime but frustrated and dissatisfied seeker of spiritual enlightenment—you may even fear that you'll never fulfill your search in this lifetime

you don't really care about "spirituality" or "awakening"—but you do care intensely about becoming the best, most authentic person you can and realizing your potential to the fullest

you resist teachings and practices that propose you have to give up your ordinary, everyday life and relationships or master or perfectly transcend your ego, desires, reactions, etc., to be able to attain unshakable wellness, joy, and peace

you have a strong religious faith and a spiritual practice within it, but you feel like something is missing and you need more depth

What sets Waking Down in Mutuality® apart from most other paths and practices?

Pretty simply:

It works.

Especially for those who've been seeking spiritual awakening for a long time, and those who've gotten newly interested and don't want to waste time spinning their wheels, Waking Down in Mutuality has an incredible track record.

For more than a quarter of a century, nearly every single person who has seriously put these transmissions, teachings, and practices to use has permanently awakened into an unshakable "wellness of Being." And this whole-being, whole-body awakening has changed their lives for the better.

We're talking about many hundreds of people, maybe well over a thousand.

At least as grateful for this approach and path as the seekers who've become finders are both:
  • the thousands whose lives have greatly been uplifted by these transmissions and teachings, and

  • the many dozens who have themselves become talented spiritual teachers and awakeners, helping the work achieve its amazing track record of effectiveness.

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About us: your speakers, Saniel and Linda

waking down Saniel Bonder, the founder of Waking Down in Mutuality, an Honorary National Scholar at Harvard with a B.A. in Social Relations, has devoted his adult life first to a long spiritual quest—and then to transmitting and teaching this work. He's the author of many spiritual books, including Waking Down: Beyond Hypermasculine Dharmas, Healing the Spirit/Matter Split, Great Relief: Nine Sacred Secrets Your Body Wants You to Know, The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart, and two novels, While Jesus Weeps and Ultimaya 1.0.

joy of being Linda Groves-Bonder, Saniel's wife, has been his full partner for more than two decades and has been called "the mother of this work." She is legendary among students, apprentices, and colleagues for both her immense heart of love and her simply stated, brilliant wisdom. Linda is a lifelong artist in many fields, with a B.S. in Art Education from Ball State University. She has sung with a celebrated international band and has recorded two CDs, I'm Here, a collection of jazz standards and her own original songs, and Joy of Being, featuring her non-verbal vocal toning.

Our work has received appreciations from Ken Wilber, Rick Hanson, Ph.D., Mirabai Starr, Peter Russell, Larry Dossey, M.D., Jean Houston, Stephen Dinan and Devaa Haley-Mitchell, and other teachers, authors, and thought leaders.

Together we have directly or indirectly helped many hundreds of people achieve what we mentioned above: stable realizations of boundless Spirit in natural unity with their everyday, material lives and relationships. And we've helped train many of those who've gone on to become potent teacher-transmitters for others.

We are acutely aware that we've been blessed with undeservable grace to serve others in these wonderful, life-changing, world-helping ways. We feel it's an honor, privilege, and gift to be able to offer such help to those who need it.

About this talk: on "a way of consciously cooperating with the Heart's own grace"

The teachings of Waking Down in Mutuality, also known simply as Waking Down®, have been steadily evolving and refining throughout this quarter century and more.

In this talk we clarify as never before that this Way is grounded in "the one great Heart we all share." It makes room for and gives expression to so much of what human beings go through when the Heart becomes ever more Self-aware in, as, and through each and all of us.

So this teaching event is as much a celebration of that great shared Heart as it is a presentation of particular teachings and practices.

What is "the Heart"?

Spelled with a capital "H," to us the Heart is at once the most intimate essence of everyone's felt intuition of who they are, that same essence in everyone else and all other sentient beings, and even the essential nature of everything that exists. We can come to feel, live, and embody it as the ultimate Mystery of all life, the Totality Identity, the one and only reality of all Spirit and all Matter. Though the Heart is forever unknowable, we all feel it's utterly precious to each of us, personally.

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Since time immemorial people have called this great Mystery by all kinds of sacred and divine names and related to it in all kinds of ways. For many reasons, our main name for it is "the Heart."

And our primary message to everyone is, "The Sun in your Heart is rising!"

Your essential nature, which is the same in all other beings and things, is spontaneously intensifying, like the Sun rising in the morning sky—except that the rising never stops, and the Sun's brightness always increases.

This is not just a metaphor. We suggest it's a crucial bio-spiritual fact of our being and becoming. And, this Heart-generated developmental advance is not only taking place in a few spiritual practitioners. It's underway whole bodily in each of us and simultaneously in all of us together—even all humanity. It is the active, dynamic principle of all evolution throughout the cosmos.

Waking Down in Mutuality is one of Nature's primary ways of being/doing that evolutionary process in human beings. It's a way of consciously cooperating with the Heart's own grace. Each of the key principles and practices of this path expresses part of how this one great Heart we all share is awakening.

More than that, Waking Down is increasingly being understood and cultivated by practitioners as the Heart's own Way of coming alive and awake in, as, and through each one of us.

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What you'll learn about as you watch or listen...

In this 2-hour introductory orientation, we:
  • summarize the essential points and precepts of Waking Down in Mutuality as a grace-given path of the Heart,

  • distinguish it in an honoring way from the traditions that have preceded it and made it possible, as well as from other contemporary trainings,

  • and, most important, give you a clear picture of what this transformational process can entail for you and why it is treasured by so many.
We are so happy to be able to offer you this free presentation, which will remain available here to all.

Please do partake—come celebrate the Heart with us!

Even if the path itself is not for you, at least now, you may get something important out of what we communicate. We'd be delighted for you to benefit that way, and we'll always bless you on your further journey, wherever it may lead.

Also, please feel free to share this talk with anyone you like. Someone you know might be waiting right now, hungry to find this very opportunity!

With Heart-blessings and lots of love,

The Heart and Waking Down in Mutuality

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